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According to research, ten to thirty percent of people in some countries and fifty to sixty percent of people in some places are facing problems related to sleep (Sleep Disorder), it is also called insomnia.

Or, to put it another way, if you happen to open your eyes when you’re sleeping, for whatever reason, you either have trouble going back asleep or you try repeatedly but can’t.


  • Insufficient sleep has significant negative effects on a person’s body, eyesight, and mind.
  • The body continues to be tired while the mind becomes lost in its production.
  • Any task that impacts economic and social life cannot receive attention.
  • For your body and mind to work at their best, you should always follow a schedule for sufficient sleep.

What is Power Nap

A power nap is a short duration of sleep that can increase your energy and well-being.

Sleeping in the afternoon is called a nap. It is also proven by modern science Web MD Health Now One of the most authentic online medical sources.

Power Nap Benefits

This afternoon nap is essential not only for children but also for adults and people of all ages. They list its 16 medical benefits.


  • First of all, storing in your mind what we learned and did in the earlier part of the day and connecting it to the previous memory is made easier by naps.
  • And research has proven that such people are easily promoted to higher levels, that is, these people quickly climb to the top of the hierarchy.
  • The reason is that they pay more attention to work and do not stay tired and there are many changes in them.
  • That is, the creativity of new-type thinking and other problem-solving skills are greatly facilitated by naps.
  • For those who have such a job that they have to create something new, Nap refreshes their mood.
  • It brightens your outlook.
  • Stress relief.
  • improved mentality.
  • increased consciousness.
  • decrease of chronic tiredness.
  • enhanced mental and physical performance.

Power nap time 20-minute nap (quick nap)

As you feel groggy after slipping like exhaustion and your mind is foggy and you feel somewhat weak it is called sleep inertia. If you want to avoid it, keep the time duration of the nap short i.e. from 15 to 20 minutes.
Then it is a great substitute for tea, coffee, and every caffeine drink i.e.

Better Substitute Power Nap


Better Substitute Power Nap

The benefit you have to take from tea or coffee and become active, you should take the benefit from a nap you may get these results from a nap. And then psychological diseases especially regarding stress and anxiety, this research were carried out on 4000 people that those who take a nap in the afternoon, their blood pressure under control.

Power Nap in Islam

Let’s understand how Islam can help us in this.

First of all, today’s Fajr Salah was from 04:14 to 5:43.

The Fajr prayer is also performed at this time. Regardless of whether you slept all night or were awake, you needed to get up at this hour, do ablution (do purification), and then offer the prayer.

How many of Allah Almighty’s insights lie beyond our capacity for mind and intellect, where the body finds calm in the night’s sleeping?

A short period of midday relaxation is wonderful for renewing the body’s power. People who read or engage in other internet activities at night should make appropriate accommodations.

Do Power Nap Work?

According to experts and based on my own experience, I agree that power naps are vital to a person’s daily life.


  • I have to agree that it is essential to boost productivity and mental clarity.
  • Similar to meditation, a power sleep reduces laziness and serves as a brain booster, and is better and quicker.
  • However, not everyone can use it; for example, a pilot, a rail driver, a surgeon, a vehicle driver, and others cannot take a power sleep while performing their jobs.
  • Moreover, meditation can take its place and is available to everybody at any time.

How to take a power nap without oversleeping

How to take a Power nap Without oversleeping (Studying and Performing any Task)


How to take a Power nap Without oversleeping

After analyzing power nap, we have understood how beneficial and important it is for improving human life, stress-free life, and creative performance. However, a power nap has a downside: if you sleep too long (oversleeping), it slows you down.

The work that was intended to be done after power napping may get delayed which causes a lot of disappointment, so follow the steps below to avoid this:


  • Set the alarm on your Smartphone for 15 to 20 minutes and do Napping.
  • If you don’t have a Smartphone, use an alarm clock to avoid unnecessary sleep.
  • If you don’t have any of these, ask someone to wake you up after fifteen to twenty minutes to eliminate the possibility of oversleeping.
  • One hour before nap time, avoid watching TV and other beta-stimulating activities.
  • Whenever possible, keep your emotions under control.
  • In order to calm down your brain waves, practice mindfulness by staring at a certain point nonstop for 2- minutes before closing your eyes.
  • Tell yourself in advance of taking a nap that you’ll wake up feeling refreshed three minutes before the alarm goes off at 20 minutes.
  • When your nap is finished on schedule and your alarm goes off, take a moment to think and feel grateful for waking up.
  • Your sleep quality will improve as you continue to do this on a daily basis.

How long to nap for maximum productivity

The most important question is how long a power nap should last and what duration is best.

Let’s continue the discussion by studying how much napping is necessary for optimum productivity.

Best way to take a power nap Best power nap time


Figure:- Best power nap time

Best way to take a power nap

15-20 Minutes Power Nap (ideal Power Nap)


  • This power nap is recommended for boosting alertness and productivity, according to professional opinion and research.
  • According to this power nap duration, a student can refresh his body by taking one after three to four hours or anytime he feels tired.
  • A working person can also accomplish the same thing.
  • This duration typically keeps you in lighter non-rapid eye movement (NREM) sleep stages, which makes it simpler to get going right away after waking up.

30- Minutes Power Nap


  • Studies Have Shown This much sleep could result in sleep inertia, a groggy, foggy feeling similar to a hangover.
  • The reason for this is that you’re forcing yourself to get up while you’re still in a sleep cycle.

60-Minutes Power Nap


  • The optimal nap for improving short-term memory is the one that helps you remember facts, names, faces, and objects.
  • The deepest type of sleep is included slow-wave sleep.
  • The major downside: Some grogginess when you first get up.

90-Minutes Power Nap


  • The lighter and deeper stages of sleep, including REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, which is frequently compared to the dreaming stage, are all included in this whole cycle of sleep.
  • As a result, creativity is enhanced as well as emotional and procedural memory (for example, driving a vehicle or playing the piano). This period of nap often prevents sleep inertia, making it simpler to wake up.
  • If you have a tough workout in the morning, this is the nap for you; in addition, growth hormone is produced, rebuilding muscle and bones).

Now if you have an activity at night too because of taking nap in the afternoon, it is carried out easily.

So my dear viewers take a little nap on daily basis.

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