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king bruce and the spider story

ByNomanJul 31, 20223 min read
robert bruce and the spider story

Who is Robert The Bruce?? Famous Name: – Robert the Bruce Position:-King of Scotland Date…

Knowledge of Bloom’s Taxonomy

ByNomanNov 6, 20221 min read
Knowledge of Bloom's Taxonomy

You are on the best platform if you want to become a teacher; stay in…

Bloom’s taxonomy learning objectives

ByNomanNov 6, 20223 min read
Bloom's Taxonomy

First, let’s see what the objectives are: a direction in which the learner is pushed…

Bloom’s Cognitive Taxonomy

ByNomanNov 7, 20223 min read
Bloom’s Cognitive Taxonomy | Levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy (1956)

Bloom’s Cognitive Taxonomy  Learning and improving mental abilities are part of the cognitive domain (Bloom…

Revised bloom’s taxonomy

ByNomanNov 7, 20229 min read
Revised bloom's of taxonomy

  The main objective of education in the twenty-first century is the growth of Critical…

Power Nap

ByNomanNov 9, 20227 min read
Power Nap Benefits

According to research, ten to thirty percent of people in some countries and fifty to…