Do Humans Need More Sleep in the Winter

Many of us may struggle to get out of our warm and comfortable beds in the morning when the cold winter months come. But before we let the taunts of laziness get to us, recent research suggests that we may actually need more sleep during the colder months. Do Humans Need More Sleep in the winter? The most recent studies show as follows:

Do Humans Need More Sleep in the Winter
  1. People tend to obtain more REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep in the winter, according to a review of sleep studies or Research.
  2. The circadian clock, which is impacted by changing light, is connected to this kind of sleep.
  3. The brain is more active during REM Rapid Eye Movement) sleep & dreams are possible. The study discovered that even in a sleep-disrupted city population, people sleep less deeply in the fall and more deeply in the winter.

Need to Adjust Sleep Habits

  1. According to the research, people may need to adjust their sleep habits based on the time of year (or In especially the Winter Season).
  2. According to Dr. Dieter Kunz, the study’s corresponding author, cultures should adapt their sleep patterns to the season, including their duration & timing.
  3. He makes the argument that during the shorter and icier months, individuals might have to go to bed earlier. Because the human body slows down in the winter, it may be important to modify sleep patterns & habits according to the climate.

Further Validation Is Needed

The seasonal changes may be even more pronounced in a population that is healthy, although the researchers acknowledge the need to validate the findings in individuals who do not experience sleep problems & issues.

The scientific team enrolled 292 patients who had undergone polysomnography, a type of sleep study. The findings, which were reported in the journal Frontiers in Neuroscience, suggest that healthy sleep hygiene (Good sleep habits) may call for changing sleep habits & Patterns & schedules according to the season.


It is crucial to pay attention to our bodies as the winter season draws closer and adjust our sleeping patterns & Habits as necessary. The research suggests that we may need more sleep during the colder months, and longer REM sleep may be a natural response to changing light conditions. We can make sure that we get the rest we require to feel our best throughout the year by valuing sleep & changing our routines according to the season.

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The need to sleep more during the winter is natural & common. According to recent research, people are likely to have more Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep in the winter, which is related to the circadian clock that is influenced by changing light. Dreams are possible during REM sleep because the brain is more active then.

According to studies, humans often get more REM (rapid eye movement) sleep during the winter. This type of sleep is related to the circadian clock, which is impacted by changing light. People sleep more deeply in the winter and less profoundly in the fall, even among sleep-disrupted metropolis populations.

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