How to Play Briar in League of Legends | Complete Guide

Get ready to explore the world of League of Legends with the arrival of Briar, the 164th champion set to shake things up in Patch 13.18. As the third addition in Season 13 Briar brings her unique skills and agility specifically designed for dominating the jungle. Dive into this comprehensive guide to learn the best strategies for mastering how to play Briar when she steps into the live servers.

Key TakeAways: How To Play Briar


  1. Strong basic attacks
  2. Quick in ganking
  3. Crowd control abilities
  4. Global mobility with her ultimate


  1. Reliance on basic attacks
  2. Low durability
  3. Need for precision in abilities

Early Game Strategy:

  1. Understanding Briar’s abilities
  2. Optimal jungle paths
  3. Flexibility in planning
  4. Ganking tactics and ultimate usage
  5. Initial item choices for early advantage

Mid-Game Play:

  1. Transition to team fights
  2. Strategic fight positioning
  3. Leveraging crowd control
  4. Split pushing and item adaptation

Late-Game Domination:

  1. Maximizing Briar’s late-game power
  2. Strategic victories and objective control
  3. Using global ultimate effectively
  4. Team fight tactics and late-game itemization

Tips and Tricks:

  1. Mastering advanced skills
  2. Optimal jungle routes and smart ganking
  3. Jungle control and vision
  4. Adaptive itemization based on situations

Enhancing Expertise – Bonus Part:

  1. Matchup guide against common champions
  2. Best partnerships for Briar
  3. Avoiding common mistakes
  4. Learning from professional players
How To Play Briar

Hailing from the mysterious Shadow Isles Briar emerges as a relentless force in the battlefield specializing in agile jungle gameplay. Armed with a deadly blade and unmatched determination, Briar is renowned for her incredible damage output and crowd control prowess. Her forte lies in ambushing enemies and turning the tide in team fights. However her reliance on auto attacks and vulnerability to crowd control demands skillful handling when facing formidable opponents.


  1. Strong Attacks: Briar’s basic attacks are powerful and can really hurt enemies.
  2. Quick in Ganking: She fast in moving around the jungle and surprising enemies in lanes.
  3. Can Control Fights: Briar has moves that can control enemies, making it easier to win battles.
  4. Global Move: Her ultimate lets her teleport across the map and attack enemies from anywhere.


  1. Needs Basic Attacks: Briar strength depends a lot on her basic attacks, making her vulnerable to control moves.
  2. Not Very Tough: She does not have a lot of health so she can take a lot of damage or effected quickly.
  3. Needs Accuracy: Her moves need precise aiming to work well.

This guide article How To Play Briar will help you understand Briar better and show you how to use her in the game. Whether you are the new to League of Legends or a seasoned player, this guide will help you make the most of Briar’s skills.

How To Play Briar

Early Game Strategy: How to Start Strong

Learning Briar’s Abilities: A Strong Arsenal

Briar has four abilities that help her deal damage, move around, and control enemies:

  1. Q: Blood Frenzy: Attacks enemies and heals herself a bit.
  2. W: Shadow Leap: Jumps to enemies, dealing damage. If it is the an enemy she can jump again.
  3. E: Shadow Bind: Throws a chain to slow enemies and can stop them if they stay caught for long.
  4. R: Shadow Ambush: Jumps across the map, showing enemies and dealing damage.

Pathing in the Jungle: Making Early Moves

  1. Knowing where to go in the jungle is important for Briar’s early success:
  2. Standard Path: Start at Red Buff, then Blue Buff, Raptors, Wolves, and Krugs. Try to gank a lane or fight for the Scuttle Crab.
  3. Different Path: Begin at Blue Buff, then Red Buff, Raptors, Wolves, and Krugs. This way, you clear faster and can gank early.

Being Flexible: Changing Plans

It is the smart to change your jungle path based on what enemies are doing and where you can help your team.

  1. Finding Ganks: Attacking at the Right Time
  2. To surprise enemies and help your team, look for:
  3. Vulnerable Lanes: Attack lanes where enemies are weak or far from their tower.
  4. Low-Health Lanes: Go for lanes where enemies are almost beaten.
  5. Using Shadow Bind: This move slows enemies down and can trap them, making it easier to get kills.

Making the Most of Briar’s Ultimate: Big Moves Everywhere

Briar’s ultimate move, Shadow Ambush, lets her move across the map. Use it to:

  1. Get Kills: Surprise enemies from far away and take them down.
  2. Help Teammates: Jump to save your friends and turn fights around.
  3. Get Objectives: Use it to quickly take dragons or the Rift Herald.

Easy Build Choices: What to Pick First

Early in the game, choose items that help Briar do more damage and last longer:

  1. Damage First: Get items like Tiamat, Ravenous Hydra, and Black Cleaver for more damage and faster clearing.
  2. Stay Alive: Buy items like Vampiric Scepter and Ravenous Hydra for healing during fights.
  3. Cooldowns: Items like Duskblade of Draktharr and Black Cleaver reduce the time between using Briar’s moves.

By learning Briar’s moves taking the right paths in the jungle finding good moments to attack using her ultimate wisely & choosing the best items you can make her strong early in the game.

Mid-Game Play: Best With Team Fights

Moving from Ganks to Team Fights:

  1. Look for Fights: Keep an eye on the map for chances to fight as a team.
  2. Work with Allies: Coordinate with your team to group up and fight together.
  3. Use Shadow Bind: This move can start fights trap key enemies or protect your friends.

Positioning in Fights:

  1. Sneak Around: Use Shadow Leap to surprise enemies and mess up their formation.
  2. Pick Targets Wisely: Focus on taking out important enemies like marksmen or mages.
  3. Protect Your Team: Keep your allies safe from enemy attackers.

Using Briar’s Crowd Control:

  1. Start Fights: Use Shadow Bind to begin fights and make enemies struggle to move.
  2. Help Allies: Use Shadow Bind to stop enemies from hurting your teammates.
  3. Control the Fight: Work with your team to use crowd control and take charge of the battle.

Splitting Up and Taking Control:

  1. Push Side Lanes: Use Shadow Ambush to help your team and pressure enemies in other lanes.
  2. Watch Out: Keep an eye on the map to avoid surprises from enemies.
  3. Get Objectives: Work with your team to take things like dragons and Baron Nashor while you split push.

Changing Items: Be Ready for Different Enemies

Choose items that work well against your enemies:

  1. Tough Ones: If enemies have lots of strong champs use items like Black Cleaver and Last Whisper to cut through their defenses.
  2. Magic: Against magic heavy teams use items like Maw of Malmortius or Spirit Visage to deal with their damage.
  3. Assassins: To stop assassins use Guardian Angel or Zhonya Hourglass for protection and avoid their sudden attacks.

By being a master of Briar’s powers making good choices in fights using crowd control wisely splitting up to help your team & changing your items based on who you are fighting you can be a big help in the middle of the game.

Late-Game Domination: Discovery of the Complete Potential of Briar

In the late game Briar becomes a powerhouse. Her damage global reach, & control in fights make her a massive threat in decisive battles.

Briar’s Power and Damage:

  1. Hitting Hard: As the game goes on, Briar gets stronger and can deal tons of damage.
  2. Dealing Damage: Her attacks can keep going, slicing through enemies.
  3. Taking Objectives: Briar’s damage can help take down towers, dragons, and Baron Nashor quickly.

Winning the Game:

  1. Study the Enemy: Know what your enemies aren’t good at and use that to win.
  2. Get Objectives: Focus on things like Baron Nashor and Elder Dragon to get stronger.
  3. Push Hard: Split push to make enemies move around, giving your team chances to win elsewhere.
  4. Fight Smart: Look for fights that favor your team to win the game.

Using Briar’s Global Ultimate:

  1. Sneaky Attacks: Use Shadow Ambush to surprise enemies and hit them hard.
  2. Helping Allies: Use it to join your team and save them from bad situations.
  3. Steal Objectives: Grab the objectives like dragons or Baron Nashor with Shadow Ambush.

Smart Moves in Team Fights:

  1. Start Fights: Use Shadow Leap and Shadow Bind to begin fights and make it tough for enemies.
  2. Disrupt and Confuse: Use Shadow Leap to surprise enemies and cause confusion.
  3. Protect Friends: Keep your team safe from danger and attacks.

Changing Items for the Late Game:

  1. Stay Safe: Use items like Guardian Angel or Spirit Visage to survive strong attacks.
  2. Work with Your Team: Choose items that help your teams plan to win.

By using Briar power knowing how to win, using her global move wisely fighting well with your team, and picking the right items, you can make Briar a real threat in the late game leading your team to victory.

Tips and Tricks: Mastering Briar’s Skills

To really ace Briar’s play check out these helpful tips:

  1. Advanced Skills:Mix Attacks and Moves: Do both moves and attacks together to deal more damage.
  2. Reset Moves: Use Shadow Leap’s reset to attack and move quickly.
  3. Use Lifesteal: Heal yourself with Blood Frenzy in longer fights and while clearing the jungle.

Better Jungle Routes:

  1. Quick Clear: Clear the Raptors, Wolves, Blue Buff, Krugs and Red Buff for a fast and good clear.
  2. Steal Camps: Try taking the enemy’s jungle camps when you can to slow them down.

Smart Ganking:

  1. Easy Targets: Go for lanes where enemies are out too far or have no good defenses.
  2. Help Weak Lanes: Help lanes that need your damage or help the most.
  3. Work with Others: Gank with champions that can help you get kills more easily.

Taking Jungle Control:

  1. Watch the Jungle: Put wards in the enemy jungle to see where they are going and take their stuff.
  2. Guess Objectives: Think about when the enemy might try to take big things and stop them.

Vision for Good Plays:

  1. Put Wards Smartly: Use wards in the jungle near big things, or places where ganks might happen.
  2. Remove Enemy Vision: Take out enemy wards to keep control and stop ganks.

Items for Different Situations:

  1. Against Strong Tanks: Use items like Black Cleaver or Last Whisper to fight tough enemies.
  2. Facing Magic: Against mages items like Maw of Malmortius or Spirit Visage can help.
  3. Stopping Assassins: To protect against assassins, items like Guardian Angel or Zhonyas Hourglass can save you.

Mastering these moves being smart in the jungle ganking well, controlling the map, having good vision & picking the right items will help you become a top Briar player.

The Bonus Part: Enhance Your Expertise

Matchup Guide Against Common Champions:

  • Versus Master Yi: Avoid fighting early and use Shadow Bind to stop his skills.
  • Against Olaf: Pressure him early, use Shadow Leap and Shadow Bind to avoid his attacks.
  • Facing Rek’Sai: Watch out for her early ganks. Use wards to track her movements.
  • Dealing with Zac: Focus on objectives and pressure side lanes to avoid his strong team fighting.
  • Against Nocturne: Control vision to stop his global attack. Use Shadow Bind to block his attacks.

Briar’s Best Partners:

  • Jungler-ADC Pairing: Briar works well with champions like Jinx, Ashe, or Tristana due to her crowd control.
  • Jungler-Mid Lane Combo: Pair Briar with champions like Orianna, Ahri, or Viktor for good crowd control.
  • Jungler-Support Coordination: Briar works best with supports like Thresh, Leona, or Rakan for initiating fights.

Common Mistakes and How to Improve:

  • Do not Overextend: Staying safe is key. Briar can be caught out easily.
  • Objective Focus: Prioritize big objectives like dragons and Baron Nashor for advantages.
  • Ultimate Usage: Use Shadow Ambush carefully for fights, ganks and objectives.
  • Change Your Build: Adjust your items based on the enemy team’s strengths.

Learning from Pros:

  • Study Pro Strategies: Watch how pros build and play Briar in matches.
  • Watch Pro Streams: Tune in to pro players streams or watch their recorded games.
  • Analyze Their Decisions: Pay attention to why pros make certain moves and choices.
  • Seek Advice: Ask experienced Briar players or coaches for tips and tricks.

These extra strategies understanding matchups, working well with teammates, avoiding common errors, and learning from pros can level up your game and make you a strong contender in the jungle.

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FAQs About How to Play Briar

How to Play Against Briar LoL

Briar is a formidable jungler, wielding potent damage, agile movement, and devastating crowd control. Facing her can be challenging, but with the right approach, you can counter her effectively.

Here is  your guide:

  1. Group Together: Briar shines in picking off isolated targets. Stay grouped as a team to make it harder for her to initiate and secure kills.
  2. Place Deep Wards: Briar global ultimate allows her to gank from unexpected angles. Place deep wards in your jungle and around objectives to track her movements and prevent surprise attacks.
  3. Invest in Healing Reduction: Briar’s sustain is potent making her difficult to take down. Invest in items like Bramble Vest and Thornmail to reduce her healing and make her more vulnerable.
  4. Avoid Fighting Around Dragon IV: Briar ultimate grants her bonus damage near Dragon IV. Avoid engaging in fights around this objective unless you have a significant advantage.
  5. Avoid Overstaying When Low: Briar excels at punishing overextended enemies. If you’re low on health, retreat to safety instead of lingering in lane and becoming a target.

Best Counters to Briar:

  1. Nocturne: His ultimate nullifies Briar vision advantage allowing your team to counter gank effectively.
  2. Rammus: His armor and crowd control make him a difficult target for Briar, while his taunt can disrupt her teamfights.
  3. Rek’Sai: Her mobility and burst damage allow her to punish Briar early game and prevent her from snowballing.
  4. Poppy: Her tankiness and crowd control can neutralize Briar and protect her teammates.
  5. Ivern: His shield and utility can protect his teammates from Briar’s ganks, while his Daisy can disrupt her teamfights.

How Does Briar W Work?

  1. While in Blood Frenzy Briar gains attack speed and move speed.
  2. Her attacks now deal physical damage around the main target.
  3. This allows her to clear jungle camps quickly and deal significant damage in teamfights.

What is the Best Build for Briar?

The best build for Briar depends on the game situation and enemy composition. However, a general build based on high level data includes:

  1. Youmuu’s Ghostblade: Provides lethality, attack speed and a dash for mobility and burst damage.
  2. Plated Steelcaps: Offers armor and mobility to help you survive early ganks.
  3. The Collector: Grants bonus gold for takedowns and a chance to execute low health enemies.
  4. Lord Dominik Regards: Penetrates enemy armor, making you a threat to tanks.
  5. Prowler’s Claw: Provides lethality, invisibility & a long range dash for assassinations and surprise attacks.

What Role is Briar?

Briar is primarily played as a jungler. Her kit is designed for clearing camps efficiently, ganking lanes, and securing objectives. While she can be played in solo lanes it is not recommended due to her early game weaknesses.

Is Briar Too Weak?

Briar early game power is currently under scrutiny. Some players believe she needs defensive buffs to be viable in solo lanes. However her jungle performance is strong making her a valuable pick for skilled players.

Who is the Hardest Counter for Briar?

Based on data analysis Nocturne and Rammus are considered the hardest counters for Briar due to their abilities that counter her strengths.

Is Briar Safe to Use?

Yes Briar is a safe champion to play. Her abilities allow her to escape ganks and stay safe in the jungle. Additionally, her global ultimate offers strategic advantages and escape routes.

Is Briar a Good Champion?

Briar is a strong champion with high damage potential and good sustain. However, she requires some skill and experience to master. If you enjoy playing skirmish-heavy champions who excel in 1v1s and teamfights, then Briar is a good choice for you.


  1. Adapting your playstyle and itemization based on the game situation is crucial.
  2. Communicate effectively with your team to coordinate ganks, teamfights, and objective control.
  3. Practice and continual learning are key to mastering Briar and unleashing her full potential.

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