king bruce and the spider story

Who is Robert The Bruce??

  • Famous Name: – Robert the Bruce
  • Position:-King of Scotland
  • Date of Birth: – 11-07-1274
  • Date of Death: – 07-06-1329 (Age=54)

Robert the Bruce was King of Scotland.

Robert the Bruce, a founding father of Scotland, is honored as a national hero in that country.
Bruce’s entire life was spent fighting enemies on the battlefield.

Robert the Bruce did, however, succeed in overcoming England and freeing Scotland in 1328 AD. Thus King Bruce was recognized as the first independent ruler of Scotland.

But after a few days, they could not be defeated on the battlefield, being defeated by his illness, on his deathbed, great doctors and sages tried to save his life, but the condition of the king was getting worse moment by moment.

Even the king himself was convinced that I was the king of the throne and crown in this world for a few moments. The king called his special ministers and chiefs to him.

And near them, the emperor cried and said in a painful tone, “I seek forgiveness for my sins, which I have wronged children and women in wars.” With these words, the king departed from this world.

Now let’s go to our main story. In a war, Bruce’s army and his strength were very less but he was a brave person.

Despite his best efforts, he was unsuccessful. Bruce was heartbroken as he realized defeat was drawing near since, despite his continuous attempts, he was still losing.

Completing story robert bruce

Bruce fought battles with the British to protect his nation’s independence. Bruce would lose the battle despite trying again and again.

king bruce and the spider story

king bruce and the spider story

One day he ran away from the battlefield and hid in a cave. He was almost desperate. He thought I had exhausted all my efforts. I may not win the war against the British. Now my country will never be free. Thinking this, tears began to flow from his eyes.

Meanwhile, he noticed a spider in the cave, which was trying to reach its web. As soon as she reached her net, she slipped and fell.

She started to climb again but then fell. The spider would repeatedly climb, fall, and start climbing again.

Finally, on her ninth attempt, she managed to reach her net. Seeing this, Robert Bruce walked away: I understand, dear spider! I understand. The repeated effort is a success. He came out of the cave, regrouped, organized his small army, and then launched a full-scale attack on the British. This time success kissed his feet and he liberated his homeland.

Dear children! The conclusion of this story is that instead of being discouraged by temporary failures, we should have courage and courage and try again and again.

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