What is the Importance of Data Privacy

Many Organizations are keeping our data due to the computerized systems in place. There can be more people/organizations having information about you than you think. 

Here are some examples of our data-gathering departments or institutes:

  1. Your birth certificate can be on file at a hospital.
  2. Your family’s information is held by NADRA.
  3. Your academic history is on file at your school.
  4. Your academic history is on file at your college.
  5. Your academic history is on file at your university.
  6. Passport Office if you have a passport.
  7. If you have email accounts, email service providers.
  8. websites for online social networking, etc.
Importance of Data Privacy

Companies are looking for much more information about you than just your name, address, and other personal information. They want to know where you’ve gone, what you wear, how often you’ve been sick, whether you buy a product and then buy something else with it or not, and many other things. These questions answers help them in making decisions.


If you buy a packet of potato crisps, then you usually buy a drink as well. This information is useful for a shopping mall to increase its sales if it introduces new offers on both potato crisps and drinks.

So, a piece of information can flow from one place to another without any intimation. It is due to the mass collection of data

Personal Privacy and Data Security

Our computers are no longer standalone systems since the invention of the Internet.

 In fact, now they are connected to millions of other computers in the world. Due to this connectivity, many security concerns also arise. We intend to secure our data primarily in accordance with the following three aspects.

  • Confidentiality
  • Integrity
  • Availability
Data Security


It indicates that we want to protect the privacy of our data. We don’t want to give it to someone we didn’t mean to.


It means that we want to keep the data correct. For example, we do not want that the website of our bank shows less account balance than it actually is.


It indicates that we want to be able to retrieve the data whenever we want. When data is unavailable when it’s needed, it might sometimes become useless.

Any type of information processing that may be mathematically expressed is referred to as computation. As an illustration, your grade in the tenth grade will be determined by how well you did in each subject.

In Everyone’s life, there is stunning growth in the usage of computational systems. This fact is what has privacy issues on people’s minds.

 When we surf the internet, personal information is generated that may be of interest to businesses or people with malevolent aims. Companies want to read the minds of Web Surfers and sometimes they store some piece of information with the web Surfer, called cookies.

About Cookies

You’ve probably noticed that most websites send you a message asking you to accept cookies and the website when you visit, whether it’s a study-related website or an online store. The Site is permitted to store user information. Cookies are used by many businesses and brands to store client information.

The organization uses this data it has gathered, together with the assistance of a number of experts, to identify its target market and the preferences of its clients.

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