Importance of Encryption | How does encryption works?

  1. “The process of encrypting data so that only a person with the proper authorization can read it is known as encryption”.
  2. Encoding means the conversion of the data to an unreadable format which is called ciphertext.
  3. A secret code (Called key) is required to read the data as shown in the figure. A key is just like a password.

Concept of Encryption

What is Encryption

Kings and rulers used to encrypt the letters they would send to allies in the classical era when messages were delivered over long distances on foot. In case they were stolen, this contributed to keeping the message’s confidentiality.

A hacker is a computer professional who has the ability to steal data as it travels from one site to another. We can protect data from hackers with the help of encryption.

How does encryption works?

We understand its operational procedure as the sending of the word “Hello” by the sender.

This will first go through an encryption process to become ciphertext. Unreadable text is known as ciphertext. A key that we refer to as the encryption key is produced during this conversion.

After converting the Ciphertext to plaintext, which the receiving user perceives as plaintext, the decryption key—which is also the private key—is used by the receiving user.

How does encryption works?
  1. Computer “A” sends the word “hello” to Computer “B”.
  2. The Hello Word was sent by the sender.
  3. The plaintext is the “Hello” Word.
  4. Converts plaintext into ciphertext “Cfzzn anwzx” using encryption techniques.
  5. Using decryption techniques, the Ciphertext is converted into the readable form “Hello.”
  6. Now, the plaintext was received by the receiver.

Activity for practice

A script’s writing will seem backward when held up to a mirror. Writing notes and other items in a manner that resembles mirror writing is simple. Obtain a small piece of white or another light-colored paper. On one side, write something with a dark marker. To ensure that it will be visible through the other side, make sure your writing is thick and dark enough. Trace the writing you made by turning the paper over. It will be traced backward for you. It ought to appear the way your usual writing would if you held it up to a mirror. Try writing down new words or writing a note to someone, then flipping it over and sending it to them.

Importance of Encryption

Computer use in daily life has increased significantly in the modern world. Because of the computer’s intervention, man has begun sending all of his information and working in a computerized environment, which has also increased the possibility of online fraud.

Encryption is a great way to completely secure the data and eliminate concerns about data theft.

As you are all aware, the usage of computers and the internet has increased in daily life.

With the use of the internet, we may connect to virtually any number of computers worldwide, and our personal data is saved there on various sites.

That’s why it’s so important to keep data secure and private, so encryption provides you with a mechanism that can be used to transmit data securely without anyone gaining illegal access. Encryption may enable your content to be accessed only by those who relate to you or whom you have authorized to use it.

The following points can be used to describe the importance of encryption:

Importance of Encryption

Protection from Hackers

The hacker who is working on the attack need not store the victim’s material or information; instead, he can utilize it to steal an article or cause financial loss.

We use this as an example where someone registers an account with a bank and uses the mobile application to conduct business, taking advantage of the fact that when the person is transferring money to someone else. As a result, the hacker enters his account number instead of the recipient’s account number and obtains the money, resulting in a financial loss for the users. To prevent this loss, encryption helps protect, allowing the transaction to be completed quickly and securely.

A hacker won’t be able to decipher the encrypted data or alter it in any way because of the encryption used in this.

Privacy is protected through encryption

Confidential material or Sensitive data, such as an individual’s personal information, is protected by encryption. This protects privacy and reduces the likelihood that hackers will be able to monitor you.

Data across devices is protected by encryption

Our lifestyles involve several different (and portable) gadgets, making data transfer between them a risky endeavor. Data saved on all devices can be protected with encryption technology, even when it is being transferred.

Advanced authentication techniques, for example, help discourage unwanted users.

Consists of Data Integrity

Data is encrypted after encryption, making it hard to modify.

Data is transported quickly and effectively since it is sent to the recipient, who subsequently receives it using a unique key.

Helps you move your data to the cloud

The biggest organizations and brands in the world are migrating their information and data to the cloud system in response to the growing Internet usage, and data transport is protected by encryption techniques.

In other words, encryption ensures data transfers to the cloud are secure.


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