Pakistan made footballs to be used in FIFA World Cup 2022 | Forward Sports

Although Pakistan’s football team is not participating in the FIFA World Cup starting from November 20 in Qatar, despite this, the “International Federation of Association Football” has maintained its trust in Pakistan for the past several years.

The greatest FIFA Football World Cup in history has begun in Qatar. Footballs made in Pakistan will be used once again this year. The largest source of pride for Pakistanis is this.

Pak-made footballs to be used in FIFA World Cup 2022

Footballs will be produced in Pakistan’s famous football-producing city of Sialkot for this wonderful event as well.

It was created by Forward Support, a Pakistani company.

Al Rihla, which translates to “traveler” or “tourist,” is an Arabic word.

Let us point out that the Forward Sports company, situated in Sialkot, manufactured the world’s best footballs for the 2014 and 2018 FIFA World Cups.

Founder and Owner of Forward Sports Company

The International Federation Football Association’s continuous trust in Pakistan is due to the founder and owner of Forward Sports, Khawaja Masood Akhtar and his three decades of interest in developing football.

Khawaja Masood Akhtar is a civil engineer who founded Forward Sports Company in 1991 and in 1994 his company started manufacturing footballs for the famous brand Adidas.

The managing director of Forward Sports claims that the footballs used in the FIFA World Cup this time are significantly stronger and faster. Due to the fact that 25% of the components used in these Bladders are produced from highly recyclable and sustainable materials.

 3,000 footballs produced by Forward Sports will be used during the FIFA World Cup 2022, while the sales of their football copies are estimated at 8 million, which will be exported worldwide.

Thus, it would not be incorrect to argue that Pakistan is participating in every World Cup match.

Football Making process in Forward Sports in Sialkot Pakistan

The process of making the best football in the world begins in the sample testing lab where the physical and environmental resistance of the inner and outer material of the football is tested.

 According to the sample section, bundles of synthetic material and fabric are ordered from stores and cut into large sheets.

 These sheds are joined together by chemical bonds to increase their strength and durability.

With the assistance of skilled craftsmen, the prepared sheets are cut into various patterns on manual and automatic machines in the cutting area, and the cut pieces are then sent to the printing branch.

The printing phase begins with the design lab where design experts create different bar designs for football.

 The designed design is printed on the pieces cut in the pattern by the printing machine۔

After cutting the print pattern and quality check, separate sets of footballs are produced۔

On the other hand, the inner part of the football is produced in the inner section, where the rubber chemical material is applied to the molds and heated in a furnace for a certain time, after which the football bladders are produced.

In the next step, the printed patterns and bladders are packed in packets in the form of sets, and each packet is weighed so that it conforms to the football international standard. These packets are sent to the stitching section.

Whereas footballs are not only made by hand but also have precise stitching done by machines, depending on what the customer wants.

Two halves of the football are prepared and placed in a machine between these parts, and a special type of hat is given and glued together.

A football is made in accordance with international standards, which shows to be the pride of the FIFA World Cup, and it is no less than a source of happiness for Pakistan because, over the previous few years, the FIFA World Cup’s footballs have been produced in Pakistan.

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